Allison Stenger

My teaching style of yoga can be described as a light-hearted opportunity to connect with your body, explore movement and observe anatomical connections. I like to play with traditional poses and sequencing to discover new sensations.

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Techniques I teach/provide:


I've been at Evolve since:


When I'm not teaching at Evolve, you can find me: 

At my “day job” as an environmental scientist, spending time with friends and family, enjoying delicious food, being outdoors and (if there is any time left) crafting! I love turning something that would be normally thrown away into a unique treasure.

My favorite thing about teaching at Evolve is:

My favorite thing about teaching at Evolve is the community, both in respect to the teachers/staff and the students. I love the focus on safe and intelligent movement that radiates through the studio. I feel like I'm surrounded by some of the smartest body-workers there are! 

My morning routine is:

My morning routine is generally based in waking up way too early, rolling right out of bed on to my yoga mat, and playing the dance of who gets to use the yoga mat with my dog (sometimes she gets her own just so I don't have to share).  Following my practice, I eat breakfast and spend some quality time on the couch with my husband listening to the radio (WUNC) before we head off to work. I have learned that a slow morning sets myself up for a more peaceful day, regardless of what the world throws at me.

I'm inspired by:

I'm inspired by the science of movement. Embryological development and how it relates to movement, as well as the physics involved with the body's relationship to space and the earth.

Best advice I've received:

The best advice I’ve received was to not be so hard on myself - allow time to rest and slow down. Like they tell you on a plane, you can't help others until you help yourself first. It's not selfish as sometimes we precieve it to be, but rather, it's preservation. 

My favorite quote:

“You are constantly swaddled by gravity above and earth below” - Lisa Clark