Passing The Torch

Namaste, EVOLVE Movement Community!
Happy New Year!

In 2017 the evolution continues! With a full heart of contentment and appreciation for my two plus years as Yoga Program Director at EVOLVE Movement, I am excited to pass the torch onto Julee Snyder and a wonderful support team including BB Vohwinkel, Lydia Howard and Tiffany Ingersoll.

carson heart prayer.jpg

As I take the leap into the great unknown after listening to and answering the call of my heart, I am reminded of Parinamavada, the yogic theory of transformation. Essentially, this concept affirms that the only thing in life we can count on 100% is change. Tomorrow will be different from today, today I am different than I was yesterday. These transformations are taking place within and around us constantly. Breath is movement. Movement us life. Life is change. Change is evolution. We know this to be true from our shared experiences in the breath-inspired modalities that we enjoy at EVOLVE. Every time that we show up to ourselves and our community and ask ourselves through movement 'Where am I today in my body, mind and heart,' we are consciously embracing this change and shifting our evolution in the direction of our individual and collective intentions. This is the one thing, other than the people, that I love the most about EVOLVE. We move, breathe and transform together and create space for personal growth and evolution within and beyond. EVOLVE continues to support and inspire my intentions in my transformation.

This fall, as I felt the sweet completion of my time as Yoga Program Director drawing to a natural close, I spent most of my time tying up loose ends for a steady and ease-filled transition and reflecting on my ten year relationship with the studio in its and my many incarnations. Over the past two years EVOLVE has come into its own, a reflection of you, the students, teachers and staff, and all of your passions, experiences and wisdom. I feel as if the baby studio that I opened in 2006, YogAsana South, and then, EVOLVE Yoga, is now all grown up and in its prime. With the leadership and guidance of Chelsea Jones, the integration of Body Balance Movement Therapy, and each of you, EVOLVE is something much greater than ever imagined. EVOLVE's teachers and management are all shining examples of what EVOLVE has become in it's specialized focus, and, I look forward to witnessing the next evolution of EVOLVE. I am honored to continue teaching and practicing alongside each of you on a weekly basis.

My overarching intention for 2017 is to align all that I do with my personal values, the unchanging truth that resides right in the center of my heart. Within that, I am excited to expand my teaching of Prana Vinyasa and the Gyrotonic Expansion System throughout the Triangle and beyond, with EVOLVE Movement as my Raleigh hOMe base, and, travel and study more to support the authenticity of my offerings. An embodied lesson that is shared between Prana Vinyasa and Gyrotonic exercise is that the more we stretch outward into our extremities, the deeper connection we find to our centers of strength and stability. I am finding the same to be true in life, the greater the adventure, the more grateful I am to return home. Here's to the adventure!

I am grateful for each of your personal contributions to the studio and my life, and I hope we can find unique ways to collaborate in our community. A community that moves and breathes together, grows together. I look forward to evolving with you in this New Year. From my heart to yours, thank you for being an integral part of this transformational journey.

Wishing each of you the happiest and healthiest 2017!
Peace, Love, OM,
Carson Efird