Winter Solstice Celebration

Meet Dj HyFi

Ian’s got his finger on the pulse of what will move the energy of the group in an authentic way to an ecstatic experience!
— Wah!

Ian Hyman (DJ Hyfi) is a Philly-based DJ who has taken his art into the yoga studio to create a deep fusion of sound and movement. He spends most of his time on the road spinning for workshops, festivals and conferences around the nation and internationally. He strives to create a fresh experience for yoga enthusiasts everywhere with his unique approach to this dynamic art. Finding inspiration from life on the road and the interesting collection of characters along the way, he shares his perspective on yoga through his turntables. Ian’s DJ mixes are infused with a wide range of soulful electronic music, from deep ambient tunes to ecstatic rhythms of Jungle/DnB.

Yoga Meets Live DJ
There are many tools on the yogic path to aid and assist us in connecting to our true nature. From following the intuitive guidance of our heart to transforming and purifying the physical body through the practice of asana, these practices help us reveal the boundless potential and beauty that lie within and around us.

Nada yoga, the yoga of sound, is a powerful tool that we can utilize in this journey of expanding and deepening our awareness. It can help us to break through to feeling the inner wellspring of creativity and life force that we can often lose touch with throughout our day to day activities. The yogis were aware of the power of sound, long ago and used various instruments to produce tones that enhance their mediation and consciousness exploration.

Music, like everything on our planet is constantly evolving and finding new ways to express itself. With the number of genres and sub-genres that exist today, there are virtually limitless options for us to flavor our lives with. Our experience on the yoga mat can be deeply nourished with this ever expanding palette of sound. Like a collage artist combines images, a DJ weaves songs together, to create a larger experience. Combining the power of asana with the sonic tapestry created by a DJ, opens the door to a unique yogic journey…

DJ HyFi will be spinning tunes to accompany our Winter Solstice Celebration from 6-8!

Sign up online or call us to reserve your spot for this unforgettable event!