Body Work


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Simple Facts 

  • Body work is: an array of therapeutic techniques that use biomechanical instruction and specialized fitness approaches to help clients heal 
  • Body work helps with: injury recovery, joint pain relief, managing osteoporosis, releasing stress throughout the body

At Evolve, we take an integrative, hands-on approach to wellness. Our body work therapists work alongside our movement instructors to help speed healing and guide the body to its optimal condition. 


Body Work Services

Our body work services include the following techniques: 

  • Thai Yoga body work: a one-of-a-kind, fully clothed massage that lengthens muscles, opens energy pathways, and releases tension through a specific series of stretches and manual compression techniques
  • Other tailored body work methods: many of our instructors are educated in MELTⓇ, Feldenkrais Functional Integration, Small Ball techniques, and various somatic therapies; we may suggest these approaches when appropriate

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Allow us to guide you towards your optimal experience. Our wellness, medical massage and bodywork services are designed to serve your specific needs. Price varies upon service type and duration. Call us or complete the form below to schedule your session.