Client Stories






Our community has a wide range of passions, lifestyles, and personal goals. To learn more about how we help our clients evolve, explore their stories below!


Fuel for Discovery

Jamie, an entrepreneur and avid traveler, is constantly on the go. She relies on her daily Pilates practice at Evolve to keep her energetic and grounded.


Road to Recovery

Alan, a successful surgeon, hits the trails whenever he can. After a severe biking injury, he discovered an unexpected treatment approach at Evolve: Pilates.


“Me Time”

Kendall, a busy mother of two, invests her time in serving her community and improving her kids’ education. At Evolve, she finds moments of peace and mindfulness for herself. 


Everyday Agility

Linda, a sixty-five-year-old equestrian, relies on Evolve to keep her body strong and aligned during her daily horseback rides.