Fuel for Discovery

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Quick Facts:

Lifestyle passion: Travel
Profession: Entrepreneur
Preferred technique: Pilates, Gyrotonic
At EVOLVE since: 2013
Frequency at Evolve: 3-4 times a week


As the founder of a lifestyle boutique that features beautiful products from around the world, Jamie’s life is fast-paced: when she’s not globetrotting in search of the next treasure for her showroom, she’s immersed in the day-to-day processes that make her business thrive. At the suggestion of a friend, she came to Evolve to find a way to “quiet her brain” and quickly fell in love with Pilates.

Today, her daily Pilates routine gives her some time to escape and decompress amidst the demands of her busy work week. She’s also exploring Gyrotonic, discovering how the two techniques can work together to keep her strong and flexible.

I love that the exercise is something that keeps you in the moment, just for a little bit of your day.
— Jamie

Jamie values the feeling of connection at Evolve. “The community is amazing . . . it feels like a family.” Her practice creates a solid foundation for the pursuit of the thing she loves most: the thrill of sharing her discoveries with others.