Gyrotonic Method

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Simple Facts

  • Gyrotonic method is: a specialized system that uses spiraling movements that feel like dancing or swimming, building strength and flexibility through natural patterns.
  • Gyrotonic method helps with: balance, strength, flexibility, alleviation of chronic pain, injury rehabilitation
  • Challenge level: appropriate for everyone from elite athletes to the elderly or chronically deconditioned

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Nature wants you to know something you did not know before. Nature gives you potential, but you must do the work.
— Juliu Horvath

What is the Gyrotonic Method?

The Gyrotonic technique offers similar benefits to gymnastics, swimming, ballet, and yoga. It systematically and gently works the joints and muscles through rhythmic and undulating movements, stimulating the body’s internal organs alongside corresponding breathing patterns.

Fluidity is key to this practice, whether it’s performed on specialized equipment (Gyrotonic) or on a stool or the floor (a related system called Gyrokinesis).


Each posture is smoothly connected to the next through concentrated breath work, making the movements feel like dancing or swimming. Gyrotonic creates pleasure in motion, opening and creating space throughout the body.


Watch the video below to learn more:


I’ve had a lot of lessons in my life, a lot of different kinds of lessons... and I know when people know what they’re doing; at Evolve they know what they’re doing
— Linda

The Gyrotonic area

At Evolve, we practice the Gyrotonic method in a fully equipped space that combines natural light, a calm atmosphere, and a wide array of private and group class offerings. Explore our studio with our virtual tour!

Classes and Pricing

Group Classes: $18 & up
with discounted packages available

Private Sessions: $45 & up
 depending on instructor experience level


Evolve’s Therapeutic Approach

Many of Evolve’s instructors have specific training in working with clients who experience a wide range of physical limitations. If you’re dealing with a specific injury or chronic physical condition, we’d like to discuss your needs in detail; please complete our brief Concierge Service contact form, and we’ll reach out to you with a phone call.


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