Hayley Hedges


Full Bio

Techniques I teach/provide:

Hayley is currently studying to become a physical therapist at Western Carolina University and will complete her doctorate in May of 2020. She began teaching yoga in 2007 and completed a 200hr Anusara Yoga teacher training and immersion program with Sommer and Paul Sobin and Lila Pierce Brown in 2010. After completing her Anusara teacher training program, Hayley initiated another life-long movement passion with Pilates. In 2013 she completed a 500hr BASI Pilates comprehensive training and certification by Rael Isacowitz and subsequent advanced mentorship program with Rael in 2016. She is also nearing completion of her 500hr yoga certification through Asheville Yoga Center and is grateful for Joe Taft's guidance and inspiration through the process. A life-long learner, Hayley is constantly attending workshops and seeking to expand her knowledge base, including advanced trainings in yoga therapeutics with Doug Keller and Trina Altman. Hayley has an intricate knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics which allows her to offer a very intelligent movement experience to her students. 

I've been at Evolve since:

Hayley began teaching at Evolve in August 2011

When I'm not teaching at Evolve, you can find me:

When she is not spending every waking hour studying, Hayley can be found practicing yoga and Pilates, rock climbing, kayaking, or hiking with her dog Sydney.

My favorite thing about teaching at Evolve is:

The community and amazing instructors! The Evolve teachers are always collaborating and helping each other offer the best possible instruction to their clients.

My morning routine is:

Hayley starts her day with tea, typically brewing Yerba Mate with a hint of honey or whipping up a Matcha latte with homemade nut milk. She enjoys taking time to journal, warm up on her reformer or yoga mat and take her dog Sydney for a walk. Then she eats a light meal packed with protein, like a couple local free-range hard boiled eggs or chia pudding with nut butter. She is a big fan of pre-making iced tea/ kombucha/ matcha and breakfast so it's ready to grab on the way out the door since she has class at 8am every day. Having mason jars ready to go is key for her to stay nourished.  

I'm inspired by:

Hayley is constantly inspired by her patients! Every moment is an opportunity to learn something new and look for answers to questions she had not yet thought to ask. She likes to keep things fresh in her own practice by frequently attending workshops and classes and receiving continuing education.

Best advice I've received:

"Just breathe."

My favorite quote:

ou must be ready to burn yourself in your own flame; how could you rise anew if you have not first become ashes?” ― Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra