Manuel Barriga

Manuel has dedicated his entire life to dance as a professional ballet dancer performing with several professional ballet companies in the US and Spain. After dancing with Carolina Ballet for 5 seasons, Manuel decided to put an end to his stage career and make a transition into a new path in life. For several years he has been teaching ballet, and continues to do so, to students in many dance schools in the Triangle. He is eager to pass on the teachings and experience acquired through movement, great ballet masters and performances. 

Full Bio

Techniques I teach/provide:


I've been at Evolve since:


When I'm not teaching at Evolve, you can find me:

Studying Therapeutic Massage at Wake Tech and teaching Ballet. And if I’m lucky, traveling.

My favorite thing about teaching at Evolve is:

The chance to grow.

My morning routine is:

Shower, quick breakfast and a ‘have a great day’ kiss to my wife.

I'm inspired by:

The different cultures of the world.  

Best advice I've received:

“Ocuparse; mucho. Preocuparse; un poco. Agobiarse; nunca.”
(To get busy; a lot. To worry; a bit. To get overwhelmed: never.

My favorite quote:

“I would rather die of passion than of boredom” –Émile Zola