"Me Time"

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Quick Facts:

Lifestyle passion: Community building
Profession: Stay-at-home mom
Preferred technique: Pilates
At EVOLVE since: 2015
Frequency at Evolve: 5 times a week


As a mother of two young boys and a leader in local education efforts, Kendall’s attention is usually focused on the needs of the people around her. But, because she knows that self-care is crucial if you’re caring for others, she makes Pilates at Evolve part of her regular routine. Her time in the studio is just for her: an hour to turn off her phone, quiet her mind, and focus on herself. The frenetic pace of her life slows down, and she creates the grounding energy she needs to stay balanced amidst the chaos.

Kendall is a naturally active person; she loves biking and exploring the natural spaces near her home. She’s a veteran of all kinds of exercise - from spinning to yoga - but finds that her wellness is taken to the next level by the expertise of Evolve’s instructors. 

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This goes hand-in-hand with their welcoming spirit: “The staff here is warm and compassionate and friendly.” The personalized attention she receives has improved her posture and rebuilt her strength after the stresses of pregnancy and caring for small children, giving her the stamina to support her family and her community.