EVOLVE has a structured Mentor program to assist you in your quest to be the best Pilates instructor you can be.

This program is designed to support each individual’s process in moving through the Balanced Body curriculum taught by our Director of Pilates Education, and BBU faculty member, Melissa Kakavas. This is a 6 month commitment with a cost of $235 per month. The program is designed to give you everything you need to successfully complete all of Balanced Body’s requirements, test out, and start your new career!


All contact hours of this program can be applied towards Balanced Body’s apprenticeship requirements.

Details and benefits of the program include:

  • Application process to ensure that this is the right fit for you!
  • 10% off of all Balanced Body modules taken at EVOLVE. (Save up to $50 per module!)
  • Unlimited observation of seasoned teachers, self-practice time, and apprentice teaching opportunities ($100 value/month).
  • 1 private session per month with Melissa ($75 value/meeting).
  • 1 monthly, 4-hour, group meeting ($95 value/meeting).
  • The first hour of the meeting will consist of coaching, review, troubleshooting, and practice-teaching. The second hour will be dedicated to a specific topic to assist in your growth as a teacher.  The last two hours will be focused on anatomy and assessment. This anatomy portion will fulfill the Balanced Body anatomy module requirement and will be taught by Julee Snyder, EVOLVE’s Director of Therapeutic Programming (a $300 total value!).

The monthly group meetings will begin in July 2017 and run through December 2017. The meetings are tentatively* scheduled for Thursdays from 4:30pm-8:30pm.

  1. July 27th 2017
  2. August 24th 2017
  3. September 28th 2017
  4. October 26th 2017
  5. November 16th 2017
  6. December 14th 2017
*The dates and times of the meetings will be refined based on the availability of the students accepted into the program.
  • Additional educational and inspirational reading assignments.
  • Free audit of all modules for up to 1 year after completing the program. (Priceless!)
  • Career guidance through EVOLVE’S local and regional network of Pilates studios.


This program is not required to successfully complete Balanced Body’s Pilates teacher-training program at EVOLVE, but is strongly encouraged for local students. It is a fantastic value and will give you the discipline and support that you need to get started in your new career!  

All prospective participants must apply here; our program director will follow up with you promptly.

If you are traveling from a greater distance, or have already completed your apprenticeship, there is an option to participate in the monthly meetings only, as a way to refresh and refine your teaching and deepen your understanding of the body. The fee is $95 per meeting and you may enroll for individual meetings, space permitting, with prior approval. Please note: Attendance for all meetings is required to obtain full credit for the Anatomy module.

EVOLVE Pilates Mentor Program participation is limited to 10 students, and is specifically for those going through (or having completed) a comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training program.

For more information, questions, or concerns please call or email Melissa Kakavas at EVOLVE.
email: mkakavas at evolvemovement dot com
phone: (919) 828-4525

We look forward to working with you!!