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Restorative Yoga

An Introduction to Teaching Restorative Yoga

This program is designed for those who are looking for an immersive introduction to teaching Restorative Yoga.

This two-weekend immersion is designed to offer an Introduction to Teaching Restorative Yoga.  Restorative Yoga is the yoga of Non-Doing.  We support the poses with blankets, bolsters and other props to restore balance and ease.

“When the body is fully supported, in a soothing and trusting environment, it will eagerly let go, releasing tensions and toxins."  - Judith Lasatar

We are a very active, highly stimulated culture.  While we may sleep, we rarely take time to deeply rest.  Many of us don’t even know how to completely relax.  During deep relaxation, all the organ systems of the body are benefited. A few of the measurable results include the reduction of blood pressure and the improvement of immune function, as well as improvement in digestion, fertility, elimination, and the reduction of muscle tension and generalized fatigue.

This workshop includes:

  • cooling pranayama: emptying breath, hissing breath, 3-part breath, square breath

  • physiology of stress and relaxation

  • sequencing restorative postures

  • integrating postures with breathwork and guided imagery

  • use of props: bolsters, blankets, blocks, chairs, sandbags, and eyebags

  • creating a restful environment

  • appropriate touching and adjustments

  • and several basic restorative postures

Homework: 3 sessions of 3 poses, includes client history, photographs of poses, client response, and questions

Props: 1 Sticky mat, 1-3 eye bag(s), 1-2 bolster(s), 3-5 firm blankets, 2 yoga blocks, 1 yoga belt (6 feet long), 1-2 sandbag(s), and a headwrap if you have one.

24 Yoga Alliance CE Hours

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training - Julee


Julee Snyder, E-RYT 500, is a lifelong learner with a voracious appetite for growing and learning. She has been practicing yoga since 1994 and completed the EMBODIYoga® teacher training with Lisa Clark in 2004. She is also a massage and bodywork therapist integrating advanced myofascial techniques with craniosacral, visceral and neural manipulation. She is a Body-Mind Centering (BMC) practitioner and has devoted most of her career integrating BMC approaches into yoga. She has worked as a massage and movement therapist in several studio and clinical environments including Duke Integrative Medicine. She has taught anatomy in several local teacher trainings at the 200 and 300 hour levels for more than ten years. She currently serves as EVOLVE Movement’s Director of Yoga, Somatics and Therapeutic Programming.

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