Road to Recovery

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Alan at NCMA Nature Trails

Alan at NCMA Nature Trails

Quick Facts:

Lifestyle passion: Cycling
Profession: Physician
Preferred technique: Pilates
At EVOLVE since: 2012
Frequency at Evolve: Once or twice per week


A physician and New York transplant, Alan found a home in Raleigh 20 years ago. He loves exploring the city’s backstreets and greenways on his bicycle. He first came to Evolve to practice yoga with his wife; after fracturing his hip in a bike injury, he discovered that Pilates did more to help him heal than anything else. The one-on-one instruction and tailored approach to his specific challenges made him an instant devotee.

BB and Alan during private pilates class

Today, Alan is back to cycling at every opportunity. He’s had a standing private Pilates session for years, which helps him integrate physical activity into his busy work week: he can schedule and reschedule sessions as needed, so he never misses a workout. In addition to his injury rehabilitation, he credits his Pilates practice to helping combat his chronic lower back pain. Pilates is a crucial part of a set of physical activities - he calls it his “diversified exercise portfolio” with a chuckle - that help him stay youthful and active over time.

I feel better when I leave than when I come in.
— Alan

There’s another level to it, too: “As a mainly science-y person, this isn’t the way I usually talk, but there’s just a lot of positive energy here.”