Sarah Wechsberg

I've been a Rasa Yoga teacher (RYT 200) since Spring 2014. I focus on helping students align their body, mind and spirit. 
I'm currently taking an advanced Gentle Yoga teacher training.
I like to weave a theme into the practice and create a space that is open, loving, uplifting and restorative. 
I teach to all levels and love to witness students progress along their journey. To witness someone's transformation is a gift.

Full Bio

Techniques I teach/provide:


I've been at Evolve since:


When I'm not teaching at Evolve, you can find me: 

Helping to solve problems for businesses; rock climbing; cooking; traveling.

My favorite thing about teaching at Evolve is:

It's a special space filled with grounding energy, good people and positivity. Teaching in this space and with such a wonderful community lifts my spirits and empowers me to keeping teaching this great journey of yoga.

My morning routine is:

Warm water and lemon or hot tea and honey, watch the birds and the trees and read something inspiring.

I'm inspired by:

Change agents. Survivors. Different cultures. Traveling. Art. Older people that are still laughing, still playful and loving life.

Best advice I've received:

Be yourself and always make time for yourself so you can fill up your own cup, be your best self and be there for others.

My favorite quote:

You don't have to be old to be wise
A bird does not wait till it dies to fly
Emptiness is not for me
Fill me up and spill over me
- Angelique Kidjo and Dave Matthews (from the song 'Iwoya')