Evolve offers a wide array of group classes, private sessions, focused workshops, teacher trainings, community events, and wellness services. We’ll work with you to help identify the best fit for your personal goals and unique challenges.


Private and Semi-Private Sessions

Private and semi-private sessions at Evolve give you a way to experience our most tailored instruction. Create a program that works for you, with standing weekly sessions or easily changeable appointments for unpredictable schedules. 

Private and semi-private session availability:
Pilates, Yoga, Gyrotonic

Private Sessions
Sometimes, the perfect approach to a new journey includes a personal guide. Private sessions at Evolve can help beginner clients learn the basics from a teacher who is fully focused on their specific goals and challenges. As you progress through intermediate and advanced levels, private sessions can continue to help you reach your fullest potential through detailed feedback and undivided attention. Many clients begin with private sessions and stick with them for years; some schedule them from time to time in order to address specific needs or delve into a new movement or technique.

Semi-Private Sessions
Our clients often seek a semi-private setting for their practice, enjoying the benefits of a motivational group dynamic, a lower price point than one-on-one sessions, and the opportunity to work through more advanced exercises in a familiar setting. Semi-private sessions are available to groups of two or three friends who want to work out together, creating a unique bonding experience; Evolve can often help to pair clients, too. 

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Group Classes

Our group classes focus on one of Evolve’s most important values: community. Come and practice along like-minded, friendly folks - it’s a great way to learn from each other, in addition to benefiting from the expertise of our instructors. We have group options to fit every style and schedule. 

Group classes available:
Core Align, Pilates and Gyrotonic®

The full spectrum of the Pilates method is taught using an array of specialized apparatus that support and challenge the body. Our group apparatus classes give you the opportunity to experience this unique movement system at an affordable price, providing you with expert guidance as you strengthen and lengthen your muscles. We offer a variety of class times and levels every week; studio approval is required to advance to the next level.  

Our specialized multi-week courses give you the opportunity to dive deep into a specific practice, based on a curriculum that builds your knowledge and experience with each session. Our senior instructors will guide you through an academic-style exploration of Pilates, Core Align or Gyrotonic practices. If you’re ready for a more sustained exploration of our techniques, head over to our schedule offerings and sign up! 

Independent practice
If you love the thrill of striking out on your own, independent practice may be the perfect fit. Once you’ve learned the basics of a specific technique, solo work can help you understand your body’s unique response to different forms of exercise on your own terms. At Evolve, we strongly encourage clients to take this time for themselves: our independent packages help you own your practice without affirmation or correction. 

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Events & Workshops

At Evolve, we’re continually building community through a series of events that complement our wellness practices - from book clubs to workshops that help you delve into specific techniques. Check the calendar below for upcoming ways to connect with us!


Teacher Training

and continuing education

At Evolve, we encourage our entire community to engage in continuous learning. Many of our clients eventually choose to participate in teacher training, whether to become instructors themselves or simply deepen their own practice; our teachers constantly expand their expertise through continuing education. We offer both initial teacher training and advanced courses in all of our core techniques, as well as in related modalities. For more information about upcoming opportunities, please choose a particular practice below. 



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