Tiffany Rhynard

Tiffany Rhynard is a dancer, educator, filmmaker, and activist. She firmly  believes that the body is powerful, political, and that being confident in ones body is a bold  action. She views teaching as an exchange and strives to create a community that respects,  honors, and trusts the intelligence of the body. She has been training for over 25 years in  modalities such as Pilates, Yoga, personal fitness, and Modern Dance. She holds a Pilates  certification from PhysicalMind Institute, personal training certification from N.A.S.M. and an  M.F.A in Dance from The Ohio State University. As a dance artist, she has created over 60 works for stage and screen. Her choreography,  dance films, and documentaries have been presented nationwide and internationally receiving  awards at festivals and from organizations such as the Southern Poverty Law Center. From  2008-2012 she directed her own dance company, Big APE, creating experimental performances  in Middlebury, Vermont. She has taught dance, film, Pilates, and Yoga at colleges and  universities throughout the country; she currently teaches dance at Enloe High School in  Raleigh.

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